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Best Real Estate Moves

The goal of this site is to help you discover some of the secrets in real estate that the average person is not aware of.  Knowing these secrets - or tricks - or inside scoop - whatever you want to call it, will give you that edge and turn you into a smart investor. 


You see, real estate is one activity where curiosity does NOT kill the cat.  The more you're curious about the business of buying and selling property, the better will be your grasp of the mysteries that only a select few have unravelled through their diligence and hard work.  Many of them will not share these mysteries with you…because they're worried that you might cut into their slice of the profit pie.


Untold fortunes have been made in real estate; it would not be surprising if during the last 5-7 years, some ordinary mortals have become instant millionaires, thanks to the feverish upswing in the industry. 


The world of real estate has changed; people are now considering going into it as one of the sure fire ways to a golden future.


So… we ask: how do they do it? 


For a few, it's sheer luck. For most others, however, it's that they have legal inside knowledge - the kind that outsiders are not privy to. Success coaches and motivators will tell you that to be successful in any endeavour - real estate included - you must get the TOTAL picture, not just half of it.  You must get to know the TWO SIDES OF THE COIN, and discover a hidden third side, if there's one.


This site provides guiding principles that you can tap to your advantage.  You'll get the whole piece of pie, not just a half-baked tart (no pun intended), the two to three sides of the coin, or both ends of the spectrum, if you will. We've done our best to  tap into the minds of not only sellers but also buyers and real estate brokers.  We'll also throw in some facts on the financing options in real estate.


This introductory section is organized into five parts:

  1. Know your Buyers 
  2. From Broker to Real Estate Professional 
  3. On the Prowl for the Hot Properties 
  4. Mistakes Sellers Often Commit 
  5. Financing Success

(In follow up sections we cover the topics of Foreclosures, Investment Properties, Short Sales, Timeshares and more...)


Feel free to read through this site from beginning to end, as there is a ton of valuable information throughout.  However, if you're already a little real estate savvy, you can easily jump to a particular category and glean the wisdom that you're currently lacking.  You might want to bookmark us after reading sections that are relevant to your needs, as we are always updating our content and we can serve you as an invaluable reference tool. 

We've searched behind the hype to uncover the guiding principles that drive success in real estate selling. And we look forward to sharing them with you here.


Remember, please: markets boom and wane; certain types of properties (such as condos) can be hot one year, while rental properties can be hot in another.  From a distance, real estate is one of the most dynamic and changing fields there is. 


Yet inside that change is a core wisdom that remains constant.  Successful real estate sellers, from the millionaire in the car next to you as you drive, to Donald Trump, know what these principles are. 


And by the time you've finished reading this, you'll know them too.  And while, yes, the markets will always change, you'll be confident, calm, focused, and it is our hope and expectation: financially successful!


On the next page we will talk about  the importance of Knowing Your Buyers.




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